Funny Book Forensics 281 All About Matt

Episode 281 October 13, 2021 01:00:05
Funny Book Forensics 281 All About Matt
Funny Book Forensics
Funny Book Forensics 281 All About Matt

Oct 13 2021 | 01:00:05


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Its all about Matt! What is Matt’s secret, why did it come out of nowhere.  Greg and Dan discuss that and more about the process of the storytelling in Midnighter (2016) issue 6 and 7.

Dan expresses his displeasure of the relationship building for Midnighter. Greg chimes in about the story flow and why it might have been disrupted.

Issue 6: Writer: Steve Orlando; Pencils: ACO; Inks: ACO; Colors: Romulo Fajardo Jr. Cover: ACO and Fajardo Jr.

Issue 7: Writer: Steve Orlando; Pencils: ACO; Inks: ACO and Hugo Petrus; Colors: Romulo Fajardo Jr. Cover: ACO and Fajardo Jr.

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Issue 7: ComixologyDC Infinite

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Episode Transcript

[00:00:07] Speaker A: So we're, we're back with another exciting episode of Funny Book Forensics, where we dissect comics that we love. Yeah, that we love. [00:00:23] Speaker B: Well, sometimes it. [00:00:25] Speaker A: Well, we love this comic. Right? Like it's the best. [00:00:28] Speaker B: Well, I mean, like aspects of it. Yes, portions of it, possibly the whole entire series. Questionable. [00:00:36] Speaker A: What aspects are you referring to? Are you referring to the. I guess every gay man in Leather wants to get tied up. [00:00:48] Speaker B: I mean, like title character, cool as hell. And where in the series that this is derived from is cool. [00:01:01] Speaker A: I'm already onto the COVID of issue six here. [00:01:04] Speaker B: Yeah, you're already looking at it. [00:01:06] Speaker A: He's tied up. He's tied up? [00:01:08] Speaker B: Yeah. Strangle things. He's in the upside down. [00:01:16] Speaker A: Strangle things, huh? Strangle things, is that what you call it? [00:01:20] Speaker B: Well, he's in the upside down and it's strangle things. [00:01:23] Speaker A: I think he would enjoy going to Mr. S leather in San Francisco. [00:01:27] Speaker B: There you go. [00:01:29] Speaker A: Don't go to Mr. S leather with your children. [00:01:33] Speaker B: It's not a family thing. [00:01:36] Speaker A: Well, I guess it could be a family know, adult children. Okay, sure. [00:01:46] Speaker B: Okay. [00:01:48] Speaker A: Well, maybe I shouldn't have brought that up. That was a great way to start. Best start to a podcast ever. [00:01:55] Speaker B: Yeah, it was a very upside down type of thing. Topsy turvy, kind of whatever you want, tied up and knots, tongue twisted. [00:02:07] Speaker A: It was great. It was great. This is great. I just like to point out that John at the mothership had the opportunity to join us for this issue and decline today. [00:02:20] Speaker B: He did. [00:02:21] Speaker A: And he just doesn't know what he's missing. [00:02:24] Speaker B: He doesn't know what he's missing. He's missing something fantastic that he is just not going to be part of right now. He'll come back. He said maybe at another time, a later date, when it fits into his schedule, whenever that may be. Our recording time is a difficult time. It fits between the end of his day working and folding laundry. So I guess this is where we fit. [00:02:49] Speaker A: Do you remember when you may not have, I think your other co host, Travis, remember this, when e tried to introduce Johnny Curtis for months, and then all of a sudden, Johnny Curtis just never, he, they promised him forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and, yeah, and then no Johnny Curtis. And then all of a sudden he was Fandango. [00:03:22] Speaker B: The place where you get movie tickets to go. [00:03:24] Speaker A: Yes. And I may have brought this up on the podcast before, but I feel know we're just going to keep advertising John over and over and over again, and then he's never going to come to the. [00:03:35] Speaker B: And then he's going to fire us. [00:03:38] Speaker A: I mean, we don't get paid. [00:03:41] Speaker B: Oh, man, that'd be terrible. We got fired from a gig. [00:03:44] Speaker A: We fired from a job we don't even get paid for. I mean, it wouldn't be my first time. [00:03:49] Speaker B: I know, right? Same here. [00:03:51] Speaker A: Kind of like Dan. We like the work you do, but we just don't really like you. So we need you to go. [00:04:01] Speaker B: Thanks a lot for showing up all the time, Greg, and doing whatever it is you do, but you're going to have to go somewhere else. [00:04:13] Speaker A: Yeah. And that's what happens in the world. [00:04:16] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:04:17] Speaker A: I'm trying to decide if you can hear my dryer in the background or not. [00:04:20] Speaker B: Is that what that is? [00:04:22] Speaker A: Can you hear it? [00:04:23] Speaker B: I heard something. I didn't know what it was. [00:04:25] Speaker A: Okay. [00:04:27] Speaker B: I thought you were emulating the midnighter. [00:04:30] Speaker A: No. Talk amongst yourself for a minute here. [00:04:35] Speaker B: Entertain the audience. [00:04:36] Speaker A: Yeah, entertain the audience for 1 minute. Go. [00:04:41] Speaker B: I will tell them that I do believe what you're saying to be true. I do believe what Dan is saying to be true. That we're going to sell you on John from the mothership to come to the show. John is going to come and hang out with Dan and myself here at funny book Forensics. And it will probably happen, possibly happen, may happen, but not anytime soon. [00:05:09] Speaker A: So I told you to actually entertain the audience for 1 minute and you talked about John. [00:05:15] Speaker B: I was getting to a point and then you came back. The point being that this is entertaining. We would have them being on the look for John. John not showing up. And you know who would come in? His? Lou himself. [00:05:37] Speaker A: Oh, okay. Well, in fact, John is messaging us right now. [00:05:42] Speaker B: Is he really? Oh, gosh. [00:05:44] Speaker A: He said, I want to come on, I promise. [00:05:47] Speaker B: Oh, jeez. He promises. Well, a day late and a dollar short, buddy. [00:05:55] Speaker A: Yeah, well, I'm also reading other posts from him where he says, I will make it work soon, I promise. And I said every divorcing couple to their kids in an sitcom. Right? Yeah. Well, good news. John is missing a very important comic by Orlando Aco and Ferhardo Jr. We do have the creative team back. And hey, let's give this one a shot because this time we've got the creative team. We don't have any guest stars. The story should theoretically be back where it was, right? It should be back on track. Right? We're on track. We're ready. [00:06:35] Speaker B: Yeah, we're on track. [00:06:38] Speaker A: Yeah, we're on track. As long as Skype for Business Windows doesn't keep just popping up on my screen. [00:06:46] Speaker B: Oh, you too? Okay, cool. All right. It's trying to tell me that I need to get Teams. [00:06:54] Speaker A: It's telling me I need to get a Microsoft Office 360 subscription to use Skype for Business. And I already have a Microsoft 360. [00:07:05] Speaker B: Same here. So we should be getting paid by. [00:07:08] Speaker A: Microsoft for this nice commercial, this fine advertising. [00:07:12] Speaker B: Fine advertising. [00:07:13] Speaker A: Yeah. You know what? Let's take a quick commercial break. Here at Microsoft. Our CEO used to sexually harass women, and now he gives millions away to poor people. Microsoft harass and then be poor? [00:07:34] Speaker B: What do you mean? [00:07:37] Speaker A: Will they sponsor us now? [00:07:38] Speaker B: I don't think so. But what's really weird is the midnighter issue had the midnighter cover, and then you flip the page, and it had an ad, and then it went into the book, but now it has no ad. When I change the page. [00:07:53] Speaker A: I see. So you have the raw ad for Robin War. And the important thing is the COVID is very much like Microsoft. It's like some technology that has you tied up in knots that never works effectively and maybe crashes in the middle of the end of your workday when you're designing a pivot table, and then all of your data is lost and you have to go reconstruct the entire data model in the last hour of your day. [00:08:12] Speaker B: Oh, man, that's a bummer. Or you could just beat up all of the bad guys with a meat tenderizer. [00:08:22] Speaker A: Right, and keep talking about the data model. It feeds into your head. What if he has to resEt? [00:08:27] Speaker B: Oh, man, that'd be terrible. [00:08:29] Speaker A: That would be a problem. Well, let's find out. [00:08:32] Speaker B: Let's find out what happens to midnight. [00:08:34] Speaker A: We're on page one, issue six, Oakland now. And spiral in the background again. Seriously? We have more circles? I thought we were done with the circles. [00:08:46] Speaker B: Oh, man. [00:08:50] Speaker A: Okay, well, anyway, we're not midnighters diving. He's knocking Matt. Platinum Matt. [00:08:59] Speaker B: Platinum Matt. [00:09:00] Speaker A: We're going to call him Platinum Matt? Yeah. Plat Matt. Out of the way. Or he's one of those folks that just decided to dye their hair gray. I just never got that phenomenon. [00:09:12] Speaker B: Yeah, I mean, it kind of looks cool, but then again, you could also just go gray. [00:09:19] Speaker A: Yeah, well, he said he has a Thanksgiving tradition. It looks like we're starting off the fight. We're right back into the action with Matt Knight. [00:09:32] Speaker B: Matt Knight? [00:09:33] Speaker A: What if he was called. Wait, no, we can't do that. [00:09:39] Speaker B: Can't do that. [00:09:40] Speaker A: I did not say that. [00:09:42] Speaker B: Yeah. Usually get on me for saying that. [00:09:45] Speaker A: Yeah. Well, anyway, so we flip the page, and there's fighting going on. [00:09:51] Speaker B: Dude, that guy just totally forked. [00:09:53] Speaker A: We have some more dead multiplexes. Yeah, Multiplex has stepped it up here. Multiplex now has a helicopter and like a giant gun. [00:10:03] Speaker B: Yeah, it's like a rail gun that he's just like using. [00:10:07] Speaker A: One of the multiplexes. Ass is hanging right in the middle of the page, right toward you. [00:10:11] Speaker B: Boom. Right there. [00:10:13] Speaker A: Right there. One of them gets shot through the head. [00:10:16] Speaker B: Oh, no, he gets forked in the head. It's a fork projectile. [00:10:20] Speaker A: Oh, that's right. It is a fork. Wow. That's what you were saying? He got forked. I see that. I see that now. Yeah, that's great. And now, does he have a meat tenderizer? [00:10:31] Speaker B: Yes. [00:10:33] Speaker A: Okay. [00:10:33] Speaker B: He's going to tenderize some meat. [00:10:36] Speaker A: I see some multiplex meat. [00:10:39] Speaker B: Yes. The easiest meat to beat. I don't know. [00:10:44] Speaker A: Wow, he does. [00:10:46] Speaker B: He's already beat it before. Beat it again. [00:10:52] Speaker A: And see where this goes. [00:10:54] Speaker B: I'm just going back a few issues. I'm going back a few issues in the subway, that's all. [00:10:59] Speaker A: Well, you think this is a wid? Midnighter, you didn't kill us over the Roma reactor. You won't. Now. Let me read this. With all the enthusiasm I have for the dialogue in this book, there's always more multiplex. And we all hate you. You'll never kill us all. And Midnighter says, I know. That's why you're my favorite, you know? [00:11:33] Speaker B: Okay, I like it. [00:11:34] Speaker A: Yeah. Nothing like a good vendetta. It's good. Okay, so we're moving on. Okay, so multiplex gets beat up and they kill a helicopter. And he goes to hang out with Matt. Of course, he's all bloody, and Matt's all excited about him being all bloody again. And then we go to the post apartment attack. Okay. Yeah. Okay, cool. So remodeling tour. So midnighter fights some guys and then they go out to eat with some other guys. In Boston, I presume, right? That's Boston, right? [00:12:21] Speaker B: Yeah, Tony, I think so. [00:12:23] Speaker A: Is that. [00:12:26] Speaker B: Like all the other guys? [00:12:27] Speaker A: Then they fight some red ninjas and then. [00:12:39] Speaker B: It looks kind of like a hobit home. [00:12:43] Speaker A: That's just not the underwear I imagined midnight are wearing. [00:12:46] Speaker B: You don't see them in a pair of boxer briefs? [00:12:48] Speaker A: No, not really. [00:12:49] Speaker B: No. What do you see them in? [00:12:52] Speaker A: Probably like, probably a leather jock strap. [00:12:58] Speaker B: But Boxer briefs are comfortable. [00:13:01] Speaker A: That is true. I wonder how those fit under his uniform. [00:13:05] Speaker B: They help him with, and if they're made with the right material, they help with all his fighting. [00:13:10] Speaker A: Boxer briefs can be comfortable, but when your thighs get to that size, boxer's briefs become awkward because you might as well just wear briefs. Because the boxer briefs, you either have to get the really long ones. I may know this from experience, that go down to your knees, or you have to get the ones that are like, yeah, the ones he has. I guess maybe they're long enough, but if you get the ones that are slightly too short, then you might as well wear briefs because they're just going to roll up your leg. [00:13:37] Speaker B: Got you. [00:13:38] Speaker A: So you build your leg muscles that big? Yeah, it's just not super comfortable. It's also just not that flattering for him. Right. Like, what's he trying to show off? He's clearly posing for a reason. When bodybuilders do that pose, they're not showing off to Boxer briefs. [00:13:55] Speaker B: Gotcha. He's showing off his back muscles to Matt. [00:14:00] Speaker A: YeAh, to Matt. Okay, well, anyway. And then he beats up some monkeys that are playing poker like you do. Okay. And we have no idea what's happening. We just see him fighting, fighting, fighting, fighting. This must be a callback to other comics that we didn't read, so we don't know anything. [00:14:23] Speaker B: Yeah. Now they're on some really nice cabin on the lake. [00:14:31] Speaker A: Maybe I'll cut in some montage music for that section. That page? [00:14:35] Speaker B: Yeah, it's got some nice, good feel to it. [00:14:38] Speaker A: Going to need a montage. [00:14:40] Speaker B: Yeah, Montage. Yeah, give it to him. [00:14:45] Speaker A: So we're on day five. We're at a cabin at the lake, and we're shutting down the operating system. And he's just talking to Matt some more. It's a lot of Matt here. [00:14:56] Speaker B: A lot of Matt time. [00:14:58] Speaker A: I love Matt time in these comics. [00:15:00] Speaker B: Midnighter and Matt. [00:15:03] Speaker A: Okay, Oakland Post apocalyptic apartment attack and remodeling tour is complete. Oh, he can't look. He's so excited. [00:15:11] Speaker B: Oh, my. [00:15:12] Speaker A: Oh, who is that? [00:15:18] Speaker B: The big reveal? [00:15:19] Speaker A: Yeah, that's where we're at, right? It's the makeover extreme home makeover. [00:15:25] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:15:25] Speaker A: We just fixed your house. What you don't know is we went and bought $5 billion worth of appliances, and we restructured your house. Are you ready? [00:15:38] Speaker B: The truck. [00:15:39] Speaker A: Out of the way. Oh, my God. [00:15:43] Speaker B: What did you do? My portal. I can't believe it. [00:15:47] Speaker A: It's so amazing. I'm not going to lie. I've sat there and cried during those shows, so I probably shouldn't make it too fun of it. [00:15:54] Speaker B: Yeah, some of them are really fantastic. Some of them, though. Some of them, I don't know how much they really do I would just. [00:16:06] Speaker A: Like to point on a side note. If you'll read through this page, you'll realize how right I was in our discussion yesterday about things that are happening in this comic very soon. [00:16:17] Speaker B: Oh, yeah. [00:16:18] Speaker A: So something's wrong with Matt's dad. He says to, you know, we've got Matt and Matt Knight. [00:16:27] Speaker B: Matt Knight Matinee. [00:16:31] Speaker A: Not a matinee. I think we have a Matte Knight. What if we did have a Matte Knight show up now, what would happen there? What if we had a crossover? [00:16:39] Speaker B: That would be. [00:16:44] Speaker A: Mean. Like, how do you compare? I don't know. What if he had Matt Knight's costume? [00:17:02] Speaker B: What iF, what if. I don't know. I don't know, Dan. I guess the listeners will have to chime in what they. I mean, it seems like we're getting a lot. There's a lot of people who are wrapped up in our discussion about this. [00:17:26] Speaker A: Just like the COVID I don't know why. [00:17:34] Speaker B: There's a lot of discussion. There's a lot of good discussion that can come about this book series. [00:17:39] Speaker A: Okay, well, let's move it right along. So something's happened to Matt's dad. It was us, him, whoever it was. They say, you and me, you on the news. They took it on him. They took it out on. Sorry. [00:17:57] Speaker B: Uh oh. [00:17:58] Speaker A: Matt looks terrified. And they go to now. [00:18:04] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:18:05] Speaker A: What? [00:18:07] Speaker B: They're just all around, all around the country. Everywhere. [00:18:12] Speaker A: Yeah. Okay. [00:18:16] Speaker B: Matt's got the Sugar Ray. Yeah. [00:18:21] Speaker A: All around the world. [00:18:23] Speaker B: Well, no, I was going to say, like midnighter's got those. [00:18:26] Speaker A: I just want to fly. [00:18:27] Speaker B: Big sunglasses and he's. [00:18:29] Speaker A: Put your arms around me, baby. Put your arms around me. [00:18:33] Speaker B: Yeah, that bottom panel. [00:18:35] Speaker A: Yeah, he does well. And apparently Matt's dad got worked over. Yeah. He's just got like. It's like he got beat up, and then he went to the doctor, and the doctor just put a whole bunch of bandaids on his face. [00:18:49] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:18:51] Speaker A: And his. What? What, did he fight like a cheese grater? [00:18:58] Speaker B: He did. And apparently he lost. He did. [00:19:05] Speaker A: What if the cheese grater was wearing Moon Knight's costume? [00:19:08] Speaker B: Whoa. That'd be bad. [00:19:15] Speaker A: What if it was a multiplexity of cheese graters? [00:19:20] Speaker B: That would be great. [00:19:26] Speaker A: It would be. What if this comic was written by someone else? [00:19:36] Speaker B: Who knows what kind of stories would be told? [00:19:41] Speaker A: We're meeting dad. This is fun. [00:19:43] Speaker B: They're having a discussion. [00:19:45] Speaker A: His name is Grant. [00:19:46] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:19:47] Speaker A: Okay. That's what you need to know here. [00:19:49] Speaker B: That's what you need to know. [00:19:49] Speaker A: He got beat up and his name is Grant. And then Midnighter goes through the whole town trying to beat up people to find it, because being a detective is. Why be a detective when you can just beat everyone up? Yeah. [00:20:08] Speaker B: I mean, if you beat people up and you get answers, that's sometimes better than I guess. [00:20:15] Speaker A: Yeah. He didn't get stabbed through the hand here on one of these pages. That's interestiNg. [00:20:19] Speaker B: Well, get stabbed to the hand, but you continue to beat people up with the rest of. [00:20:30] Speaker A: And he's intimidating some guy who says, like, I don't know what happened to the old man. You can pull my whole face off, and I still won't know. Okay, that's exciting. So it's working pretty well. [00:20:42] Speaker B: Midnighter is making friends yet again. [00:20:44] Speaker A: Yeah. And now we get a softer, gentler midnighter in Adidas pants and a tank top talking to Grant. [00:20:56] Speaker B: Yeah, it's like, it's not going well. [00:20:58] Speaker A: Oh, wait, he's not midnighter right now. It's not going well. Grant, I can put the fear of me in these people. That's awkward. But I can also read micro expressions, and they are not lying. Does he have more powers than the Martian Manhunter? [00:21:17] Speaker B: I don't know, but doesn't seem like anyone knows what's going on in this town. [00:21:24] Speaker A: It sure. Uh, Grant is scared and stuff, and he cares about his son, and he asks Midnighter to keep him safe and. Okay, we're moving on. And so now we go to the. [00:21:41] Speaker B: Park. [00:21:43] Speaker A: And Midnighter's back in his glasses. [00:21:49] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:21:51] Speaker A: Is he doing a tarot card reading at the bottom of the page? What's going on? [00:21:56] Speaker B: Mean, he also doesn't know what's going on in this town because everything's so. [00:22:00] Speaker A: Clean and he can't understand things. [00:22:03] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:22:04] Speaker A: He's in Porter, Connecticut. I wonder how close Porter, Connecticut, is to Stamford, Connecticut. [00:22:10] Speaker B: I don't even. Is Porter, Connecticut a real place? [00:22:13] Speaker A: Is this his audition for the World Wrestling Federation? [00:22:18] Speaker B: We could find out. [00:22:21] Speaker A: Is Grant really Vince McMahon in? Can you. Can you do Vince McMahon? I can't really do. How's it going, Powell? There we go. [00:22:37] Speaker B: I don't think Porter, Connecticut, is a real place. [00:22:42] Speaker A: Okay. And there's a bus, and. [00:22:52] Speaker B: This is. [00:22:53] Speaker A: Fascinating, like, what is happening. [00:22:57] Speaker B: All sorts of crazy stuff. [00:22:58] Speaker A: But his computer is not working. And then a bus comes to hit them. [00:23:02] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:23:04] Speaker A: And he tells Matt to go home. Yeah. And then he changes really quick into his midnighter gear. Wow. Yeah, he's good. [00:23:18] Speaker B: Carries it with him. [00:23:20] Speaker A: He got into the midnighter gear in time to jump on top of a bus that was flying by yeah, well. [00:23:25] Speaker B: He had it in his bag, man. [00:23:26] Speaker A: He carries the bag or carries it with him. I do that when I go to the gym sometimes. I carry all this gear in a bag with me, and it annoys people. Yeah, I get that. Okay. [00:23:35] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:23:37] Speaker A: So now we're fighting on a bus, okay. [00:23:40] Speaker B: The wheels on the bus go around. [00:23:41] Speaker A: And he's like, you fooled my fight computer. It seems like he's a little bit over reliant on technology. [00:23:47] Speaker B: Yeah, kind of. Sort of. [00:23:49] Speaker A: You know, if he was trying out for the Legion of superheroes, he would be ineligible because he relies on technology for his powers. [00:23:57] Speaker B: Too much. Oh, that's too bad. [00:23:59] Speaker A: No, not too much. Just altogether in the Silver Age Legion of superheroes, I might add. [00:24:05] Speaker B: That's unfortunate. [00:24:05] Speaker A: Which we'll be talking about soon. You could not get into the Legion if you had other means to get your powers other than yourself. [00:24:14] Speaker B: Well, I guess we'll find out more when we talk about that. But right now we're talking about midnighter getting tricked and fooled. [00:24:21] Speaker A: I just think it's important that midnighters couldn't qualify for the Legion of superheroes. [00:24:26] Speaker B: It's true. He could. [00:24:27] Speaker A: That's important. [00:24:28] Speaker B: He couldn't. He's his own superhero. He's his own. [00:24:32] Speaker A: Crashes into a meat market. [00:24:35] Speaker B: Oh, man, I hate. [00:24:36] Speaker A: For a week. Only $20. [00:24:40] Speaker B: Only. [00:24:41] Speaker A: What a bargain. [00:24:42] Speaker B: What a bargain. [00:24:44] Speaker A: Chicken thighs. Seventy five cents. What century is this? [00:24:48] Speaker B: I don't know, man. That guy's face is just destroyed. [00:24:57] Speaker A: Well, there we are. We're back home. Matt, step away from your father. He. Wait and calm down. And then he hits Matt's father in the face. And the Emerald eye of Ekron appears. [00:25:18] Speaker B: Whoa. [00:25:20] Speaker A: Where's the Emerald Empress? Wait. [00:25:24] Speaker B: He punched Matt's dad? What for? [00:25:27] Speaker A: He punched Matt's dad. [00:25:30] Speaker B: And he broke one of those. [00:25:33] Speaker A: What were those aliens? [00:25:35] Speaker B: Oh, my gosh. He totally killed his dad. [00:25:37] Speaker A: What were those aliens in Wildcats called? That's what it looks like. [00:25:42] Speaker B: He probably was one of those aliens in Wildcats. [00:25:45] Speaker A: Yeah, what were they called? [00:25:48] Speaker B: I can't remember. [00:25:50] Speaker A: Well, why can't you remember? [00:25:51] Speaker B: Wildcats. Cards out. Yeah, I do have those trading cards somewhere. [00:25:57] Speaker A: Yeah, I'm sure you do. I do. [00:25:59] Speaker B: I'm not joking. I have, like, just stacks of them. [00:26:04] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:26:07] Speaker B: What? [00:26:08] Speaker A: Do you ever think we might Be hoarders? [00:26:11] Speaker B: No. Don't say that word. [00:26:15] Speaker A: Okay. Sorry. I didn't mean to. When I look it up, all I get is Wildcats versus aliens, which is not what wanted. [00:26:23] Speaker B: Okay. [00:26:26] Speaker A: The Xenomorph. Okay, yeah, that's just a rabbit hole. I don't want to go down. Okay. While he punches, his dogs are barking. Hey, dogs. No, says Matt. What am I seeing? What did you do? My dad. Can we turn him into, like. Can we turn Matt into, like, Anakin? [00:26:47] Speaker B: Maybe? [00:26:48] Speaker A: What am I. What am I seeing? What did you. My dad. That's not my. What. What's going on? M. What is this? He's not made of that. He's just not. He's. Yeah, this storyline. [00:27:14] Speaker B: It'S. Yeah. [00:27:19] Speaker A: Okay. While Midnight Midnighter hugs Matt, and then. [00:27:23] Speaker B: You know, he tries to console him that his dad is not his dad, and he's been blind because he's been. [00:27:32] Speaker A: Just a normal person wearing combat boots and a big leather duster. [00:27:39] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:27:42] Speaker A: And then Matt stabbed him. [00:27:45] Speaker B: Oh, dude. Why? [00:27:48] Speaker A: I told you it was this soon in the story yesterday, and you did not believe me. You thought this was in, like, issue eleven or twelve. [00:27:57] Speaker B: No, before I reread. It was the other thing you were talking about the other day. [00:28:04] Speaker A: Okay, well, yeah, here we are. [00:28:06] Speaker B: Yes. Here we are with this. Yes. [00:28:10] Speaker A: And Matt stabs midnighter. What am I seeing? What did you do? You mean, what did I do? Midnighter, you almost had it. Just a second too slow. Like I knew you would be. This is my nest. I walked you into it. You couldn't see me. You want to protect people, be the sword for the unheard. So self important, so confident. Look at you now. Wasn't that a great monologue? [00:28:46] Speaker B: It was a great monologue Matt just gave us. [00:28:50] Speaker A: It's so compelling. His acting is so compelling. I was convinced the whole time. [00:28:56] Speaker B: Yes. [00:28:57] Speaker A: And now he's Prometheus. All right. Yay. And it says, next Prometheus. In classic 1970s Marvel form, we have the villain standing over the fallen hero, and it says, next Prometheus. That is classic 70s marvel right there. [00:29:15] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:29:19] Speaker A: What the hell is happening in this comic book? [00:29:21] Speaker B: I don't know. I couldn't tell you. I don't know at all. It's crazy. [00:29:32] Speaker A: And then we get an ad for a really terrible comic series by Max Landis called Superman, American Alien. [00:29:38] Speaker B: What? Never read it. [00:29:42] Speaker A: I did. [00:29:44] Speaker B: I honestly consider. Never read it. [00:29:48] Speaker A: I thought it was a good idea, and then it happened. Then I read it, and then you're like, oh, just leave Superman alone. [00:29:59] Speaker B: I'll tell you something, Dan. They're never going to leave him alone. That property is a hot one, and they're going to keep using it over and over and over and over. [00:30:08] Speaker A: Yeah, I'm okay with you using it over and over again. It's Superman. People buy Superman comics because he's Superman. [00:30:17] Speaker B: Yeah, but they're just going to keep changing him and rearranging him and putting him into different molds and contorting him and twisting him and using him in any way shape. [00:30:28] Speaker A: And those all fail and then they go back to him being Superman. Right. Anyway, well, we're off. Are we done or are we going to do issue seven? [00:30:45] Speaker B: We should do issue seven. [00:30:47] Speaker A: Can I just stress how terrible that comic book issue was? [00:30:53] Speaker B: It was not so great. [00:30:56] Speaker A: At what point? Okay, so before we move forward, can you recall any clues in the comic that would indicate that Matt was something besides Matt? [00:31:09] Speaker B: Nope. Nothing at all. [00:31:13] Speaker A: He shows up like he gets rescued in a fight. Right? So maybe not even that fight. [00:31:18] Speaker B: And he's not even the guy that midnighter is out to dinner with. He is like some other dude. [00:31:24] Speaker A: So he just inserts him. So he's catfishing him. [00:31:26] Speaker B: Yeah, he's like some extra dude that. [00:31:28] Speaker A: Just shows up and they start dating. Was there dialogue that we were supposed to pick up on here? Were hints dropped? Was the relationship moving too fast? Is there something I missed? I guess is what I'm asking. [00:31:50] Speaker B: I have no, I. I don't think there was anything that we missed. I think there was a lot of stuff that was not put in. [00:32:02] Speaker A: So you think maybe the two issues with Grayson in messed up the flow of the story and we missed some things that were supposed to be put. [00:32:07] Speaker B: In that might have had, if Orlando was told to write Grayson in and Orlando had to take out story that Orlando had created, that would have explained more of Matt as Prometheus, then maybe we would have gotten a little more understanding. But maybe we weren't supposed to get any of that at all. And that's the double punch. Like the, oh, hey, guess what all along. Snake in the weeds. Snaky snake. [00:32:46] Speaker A: Not that I'm a great writer or anything, because I'm not, but I think my favorite mysteries or reveals are ones that are built to. Right? Or there's some sort of clue in the background that we, the reader, know about, but maybe the protagonist doesn't know about. Or there's something that's happening where we're just like, hey, oh, something bad is going to happen. There's just like nothing here, right? It's like they show up. Yeah. His dad was beat up, and then all of a sudden he punches his dad in the face and then he gets stabbed. [00:33:29] Speaker B: Like, what I'm going to say, I am with you. There's definitely something to having a bit of exposition in a story that explains or has a bit of a tell of some sort that there is something else in the background that we're supposed to be picking up on or seeing, and does it always directly link to the character that it will be? Not necessarily. Does it have to? Not at all, but I think we've had a lot of drop characters, a lot of inserted things and items, a lot of missing moments or weird moments that don't make sense to people who, if you haven't read all of the other midnighter stuff from the back catalog coming into this, if that's what Orlando is drawing from and deriving some of these moments that we're seeing in some of these montages throughout the book so far, then we are given that, where we could be given something else, and I think it's a fair argument and or assessment that there's something that's lacking and there's moments that are given that are maybe fan service for some folks, but don't really necessarily do justice to the ongoing story that we're being provided. [00:35:18] Speaker A: I would also just like to point out, okay, as far as this villain is concerned, right, that if you were reading comics, okay, Prometheus was like a big, huge part of Justice League and destroyed all of Star City and cut off Roy Harper's arm and was like a big giant. [00:35:49] Speaker B: Uh huh. [00:35:51] Speaker A: And now he's hiding out as a platinum blonde gay man, fucking midnighter to stab him in the chest. [00:36:01] Speaker B: Well, maybe in issue seven, which we're going to talk about the fight of his life, we're going to find out more about Matt, aka Prometheus and what he has against Midnighter and why he's been hiding out. [00:36:19] Speaker A: I think that based on the characterization and development so far, we're probably not going to find a damn thing out about Prometheus in his backstory. [00:36:29] Speaker B: I like to be optimistic, Dan. [00:36:32] Speaker A: I am an optimist, but I have been disappointed and let down. [00:36:35] Speaker B: You're a pessimist. [00:36:37] Speaker A: I am not a pessimist. [00:36:38] Speaker B: I am an optimistic for the best. [00:36:41] Speaker A: We just kept reading this. Well, maybe because I've already read it, and so I know what's going to happen. It looks like we have midnighter on a cover, and his eyes are red, which means he has his magic computer powers, but we know he doesn't, and he's all red in the face. There's a lot of bloody. He's a bloody man, like a medium rare steak. And then we get an ad for something totally that fits in this book. The DC Comics IDW, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Six part crossover. Yeah. This ad belongs in this. [00:37:20] Speaker B: It does. Totally. When? I think Midnighter books, I think Turtles and Batman at the same time. Well, I mean, you know, similar feelings. [00:37:34] Speaker A: Well, we get Aco and Petris and Fajardo Jr. On this one, so we've got some extra penciling work, I think, here. [00:37:41] Speaker B: Nice. [00:37:42] Speaker A: Okay, well, we're in. And. Awesome. Page one, we have a late 1980s, early 1990s Keith Giffin, indie comic. [00:37:57] Speaker B: Yeah. Oh, man. I honestly do like the art on this page. [00:38:04] Speaker A: Coloring. [00:38:04] Speaker B: I like the coloring. I like the art. I like just the flow. It moves so good. And the story just is like, okay. [00:38:22] Speaker A: Oh, we're getting a little bit of Prometheus'origin, maybe. [00:38:24] Speaker B: Yeah, some origin right there. Mom and dad were cool. [00:38:29] Speaker A: They were so cool. [00:38:31] Speaker B: They were so cool. They were the coolest. [00:38:33] Speaker A: Then they were dead. [00:38:35] Speaker B: Then they were dead because they were bad guys. [00:38:38] Speaker A: But that's not his origin because that's just the way he remembers his Origin. Right. My parents love me. Justice killed them. There's no justice in that. I had to destroy justice at all of its roots. I inherited a lot from my parents. I think I'm reading it in the wrong voice. Sorry. Their money, their network, the underworld cares for its own. At least your parents are as famous as mine. Okay, so we get Prometheus's origin in two pages. I was wrong. Okay, cool. [00:39:12] Speaker B: Yeah. His parents were bad guys. Everybody knew him. [00:39:16] Speaker A: And he's a bad guy. [00:39:17] Speaker B: And he's a bad guy. [00:39:19] Speaker A: Awesome. I'm Prometheus, God of forethought. And this is where you lose. [00:39:29] Speaker B: Oh, man. [00:39:30] Speaker A: I've got my own enhancements. Yeah, he knows all about those already. I said, the God Garden is back. Do we know anything about the God Garden? [00:39:39] Speaker B: Still not so much. [00:39:41] Speaker A: Okay. It was just that place at the beginning of the first issue, and then stuff came from there. [00:39:47] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:39:49] Speaker A: Okay, so Prometheus says he hardwired his brain to learn skills. We are getting a lot about Prometheus. You know, it'd been really cool if this was built. [00:39:57] Speaker B: Yeah, man. Prometheus, like, as he starts talking about who he is, he sounds so much. Kind of like. [00:40:04] Speaker A: He sounds like he could cut Roy Harper's arm off. [00:40:07] Speaker B: Yeah, but, I mean, destroy Star City. His body's hardened to learn and record any skill and instill it into his mean. He sounds like. Oh, man. [00:40:22] Speaker A: What do you think Grant Morrison thought of the treatment of this character he created? [00:40:27] Speaker B: Oh, I don't know. That's a good question. I don't know. [00:40:38] Speaker A: You don't know? You're like. [00:40:41] Speaker B: I'm going to assume at a point you let it go. You just let it like. [00:40:49] Speaker A: Yeah, I'm assuming Grant Morrison read these, right? [00:40:53] Speaker B: I don't. [00:40:56] Speaker A: You know, how does this compare to that Grant Morrison Green Lantern? We read a while back. [00:41:08] Speaker B: Different. [00:41:10] Speaker A: Okay, well, we've still got Prometheus monologuing as they. [00:41:14] Speaker B: Sure. I'm pretty sure that Graham Morris's thoughts, if he were to read this, would be exactly as that last panel. The dialogue on the last panel. I planned this whole thing out. It's going to hurt. [00:41:32] Speaker A: It does hurt. [00:41:33] Speaker B: No. [00:41:36] Speaker A: Okay. The plan here for Prometheus is heroes. I'll kill the whole species, starting with you. So the plan for this guy who wants to get rid of all justice was to kill one hero at a time. And he was going to infiltrate this man's life by dating him, sleeping with him, and then murdering him to stamp out justice one hero at a time. This makes sense. [00:42:11] Speaker B: It seems like it's a lot of work if he's going to do that with every single hero. [00:42:17] Speaker A: Okay, so now we've got it. He's spreading toxic tech, hiring multiplex, dangling Akaviek in front of him. You got comfortable with your enhancements? It was easy. I wound you up and watched you run blind. You can't even manage a patronizing speech. You're breaking character. What the hell? Okay, so we're cramming, like, nine comics of exposition into a panel. [00:42:46] Speaker B: Yeah, it's a. [00:42:52] Speaker A: I got to get out of this funk. I'm just tearing. You know what? Let's. Let's move ahead a couple pages. Midnighter gets shot in the. It's. It's good moving forward. Okay. They fight. It's itchy and scratchy. [00:43:08] Speaker B: Panel grid, and it's action packed. It's a lot of beat them up stuff and a lot of sound effects. [00:43:19] Speaker A: Yeah, and we've got a lot of Prometheus taunting him the whole time while they fight. Looks like Midnighter's in some serious trouble. [00:43:28] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:43:31] Speaker A: Okay. And then he turns the fight over by getting a doorknob and beating Prometheus up with the doorknob. [00:43:42] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:43:45] Speaker A: And comments. As I was feeling, you didn't learn when to talk and when to punch someone in the face, because that's important stuff. Awesome. This is some fine. Maybe I was reading the wrong book. [00:44:04] Speaker B: Were you reading the wrong book? [00:44:06] Speaker A: I don't know. I really wanted this to be good. [00:44:12] Speaker B: But instead it was Prometheus, and the Prometheus that you had been sold prior was baddie. [00:44:33] Speaker A: How could he get beat up in eight pages. [00:44:35] Speaker B: In eight pages by a guy who. [00:44:38] Speaker A: No longer has his powers and is whining about. [00:44:41] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:44:43] Speaker A: And then he beats him up and murders him. [00:44:47] Speaker B: They fight some. Yeah. Yeah. [00:44:50] Speaker A: Okay. Prometheus dead. [00:44:52] Speaker B: Well, he. Prometheus, you got to remember. He tells him he's got all of Midnighter's memories. [00:44:59] Speaker A: That's true. [00:45:00] Speaker B: And if Midnighter kills him, make a decision. Yeah. Do you want your memories, or do you want to kill me? [00:45:08] Speaker A: And he's so confident he knows who Midnighter is. And that's the whole other thing, too, right? Like, if he'd studied this guy and wanted to destroy justice, why would he just stand in front of him and let him murder him? It doesn't even make sense. Maybe he was just that overconfident. I guess that's what we're supposed to be told. [00:45:27] Speaker B: Well, there's a lot of things that don't make sense about this. Okay, so he believes that Midnighter will want his past so bad that he's willing to possibly die, because how is he going to get his memories out of his head, right? So he's got to kill him anyways. One of them has to die. [00:45:57] Speaker A: Well, Prometheus dead. [00:46:00] Speaker B: Yeah, Prometheus dead. [00:46:02] Speaker A: And we're moving on. Okay. And all of the. It is kind of some cool artwork. I am going to acknowledge that I like the splash of all the midnighter memories kind of floating around. Okay. Yeah, that's cool. And then Prometheus suddenly has a spawn cape. Yeah, his cape got really spawn big. [00:46:37] Speaker B: It is very spawn big in that. [00:46:40] Speaker A: Everywhere. [00:46:40] Speaker B: Yeah, it's everywhere. Wrapping. [00:46:42] Speaker A: Like, where is the cape? Yeah, where is the cape from behind midnighter coming from? Like, what's that attached? [00:46:46] Speaker B: Prometheus is on the ground, and it's wrapping around Midnighter, who's standing above him trying to bring him back, and he's like, nah, I'm out. [00:46:57] Speaker A: That's some fine spawn cape. [00:46:59] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:47:02] Speaker A: Well, we are off to some spawn cape. [00:47:08] Speaker B: Here's my dissection of this, is that Matt brings Midnighter back to this town, to this house, to this place that Midnighter can't really put his finger on. And as Midnighter's leaving, the only thing Midnighter walks away with as he's leaving is a picture of what appears to be a young him. [00:47:43] Speaker A: Okay. [00:47:44] Speaker B: All right. So my belief is that Matt brought him back to his childhood home. [00:47:54] Speaker A: To fuck with him. [00:47:55] Speaker B: To fuck with him. And that wasn't really Matt's dad. That was really a replicant of his. [00:48:06] Speaker A: I remember a daemonite a daemonite. [00:48:10] Speaker B: It was a daemonite of. [00:48:12] Speaker A: Or we'll call it a scroll. [00:48:14] Speaker B: A scroll. Whatever. Yes, it was in the form of Midnighter's actual dad. [00:48:26] Speaker A: WeLl, it is good to know that midnighter had almost the same haircut when he was twelve. [00:48:31] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:48:35] Speaker A: Okay, so assuming this is his childhood home, and we're figuring that out, he sticks around to discover his childhood on the next page, right? [00:48:45] Speaker B: No, he's back in Oakland. [00:48:48] Speaker A: Oh, okay. [00:48:49] Speaker B: Because that's what one does. [00:48:52] Speaker A: Is that Boston Tony with him in Oakland? [00:48:54] Speaker B: No, man, that's like the dude he went on on the date with. [00:48:57] Speaker A: Oh, that's the first guy. The first. That's. [00:49:02] Speaker B: That's his first date. First date, mate. That's the guy who lost out to Matt. [00:49:10] Speaker A: Well, this guy on the next page is going to become like an obscure 1970s villain from Secret Society of Supervillains or something. Or Firestorm. [00:49:23] Speaker B: Oh, yeah, of course. [00:49:26] Speaker A: Okay, so let me guess, Kendi, do you have two guesses of which villain he's going to become? [00:49:32] Speaker B: No. [00:49:36] Speaker A: You don't. [00:49:37] Speaker B: I don't. [00:49:38] Speaker A: Okay, well, I'm going to guess. I am looking at Firestorm's Rogues gallery. Okay, we have the 2000 committee, the Black Bison, the Bug Bite Enforcer, Golden Rod, hyena. I think Golden Rod might be it. I don't know what Golden Rod is, but I think that might be it. Incognito. Killer Frost. Moon bowl multiplex. Plastique. Of course we know Plastique from the Suicide Squad. The real Suicide Squad. Not Silver Deer. Slipknot. Slipknot. It's going to be Slipknot. [00:50:22] Speaker B: Okay, there you go. Yep. [00:50:24] Speaker A: That's for damn sure. It's going to be Slipknot. Slipknot worked out real well in the Suicide Squad, as you'll recall in the movie. Go. So well, if you actually saw the movie. I don't even know that you did the first movie. Yeah. [00:50:39] Speaker B: Yes, I've watched multiple. [00:50:43] Speaker A: We are. And I have the. So to. Okay, um. Now we're to point. Wait, we went from Oakland to Point Isabel. [00:50:53] Speaker B: Yeah, Point Isabel. They're out there. He's painting on a canvas. Or they're just talking. [00:50:59] Speaker A: Nobody's perfect, Em. And despite what you like to think, that includes you. [00:51:04] Speaker B: Yeah, it's true. [00:51:07] Speaker A: Okay. And he's sticking with him. [00:51:12] Speaker B: Yeah. Jason from book one. Date number one. [00:51:18] Speaker A: Oh, and now we're back to Marina. Okay. [00:51:22] Speaker B: Oh, my gosh. She's from book number two. I thought she was gone. [00:51:28] Speaker A: She's. Yeah, I guess they talked at the end. Well, we don't know, because we got interrupted by the Grayson issues, admittedly. Okay, so let's defend Orlando for a second because we did acknowledge his stream got broken up. [00:51:44] Speaker B: Right. [00:51:45] Speaker A: We don't know how much editorial made him leave out. And it does seem like he is trying to. While I hate the Prometheus reveal with a passion. Right. I just think it was just terrible writing. I'm just going to be that blunt about it. You've held off a little bit. I just don't think it's good writing. Right. It's not the kind of surprise I want to see in writing. It kills a character. Like in one issue that they've been building up over time, and it seems like quite a waste. And the only two characters they'd focused on were Matt and. [00:52:19] Speaker B: Liked. I would have liked as the buildup was coming along that there would have been more let out of the pocket so that you could get a little more out of that story and for that story to come out over another issue and get just a little bit more because, boy, oh, boy. Yeah, you're right. It was a waste of a character who had been in this book series for. Well, gosh darn it, we're on number seven. And he'd been there for six issues. [00:53:03] Speaker A: Technically, and the only character they'd focused on besides Midnighter. Right. [00:53:08] Speaker B: Yeah. To just drop that he's the bad guy. Not even a whole issue. It was like, boom, here you go. And out. [00:53:28] Speaker A: Well, we are off. He's talking to Marina, and he's doing that Facebook thing where he goes by to everybody and reconnects with them. Hey, I've been out of it for a. I'm back. [00:53:40] Speaker B: Yeah, yeah. [00:53:41] Speaker A: And she's making fun of him because he's being so nice. You've been killed and replaced, haven't you? Yes, it's true. He was. And now we go back to Opal City, and he's left Andrew. Gotta say it. Andrew. [00:53:57] Speaker B: Andrew. [00:53:58] Speaker A: A present of him as a little boy. [00:54:01] Speaker B: Yeah. Sweet. [00:54:02] Speaker A: So this is a little bit creepy. So he breaks into his old apartment to his former lover and leaves him. [00:54:08] Speaker B: A picture that was in the house of his ex boyfriend's dad's house, who may or may not have been his. [00:54:17] Speaker A: Dad, his dad, but not really his ex boyfriend. His ex boyfriend that decided to murder. [00:54:22] Speaker B: Him, that he murdered instead. Okay, so, yeah. Wow, this is messy. [00:54:27] Speaker A: And then we get to the next page and there's that mean. This is. [00:54:31] Speaker B: This is a really messy relationship. He's in some messy relationships. [00:54:36] Speaker A: He's not functional. [00:54:38] Speaker B: He's not. And the fact that he's like, hey, I know I should be alone right now, but I'm going to go back to. Jason just wants to be friends and. [00:54:49] Speaker A: I'm going to go back to Apollo. Like, he is going all over the place here. Yeah, Marina, he's reconnecting. [00:54:57] Speaker B: He's trying to pull his life together. [00:54:59] Speaker A: What I've learned from this comic book is that gay men can only have very toxic relationships. [00:55:04] Speaker B: So it's dude that wants nothing to do with you because you came on too strong, but you're going to try to push a relationship with him anyways. [00:55:16] Speaker A: Guy that catfishes you and tries to murder you. [00:55:18] Speaker B: Yeah. And then another guy who you broke up with because you could see how the relationship was going to end anyways, but yet you still want to be something. You want something. So you're going to break into their house and leave a creepy totem and. [00:55:32] Speaker A: His weird pseudo daughter. Little sister. [00:55:36] Speaker B: Yeah. That you don't want in general. [00:55:39] Speaker A: Mentoring. [00:55:40] Speaker B: Yeah. You're mentoring. Yeah. [00:55:42] Speaker A: Okay. [00:55:43] Speaker B: She also tried to kill you, too. [00:55:44] Speaker A: This is outstanding. Yeah. [00:55:46] Speaker B: Okay. It's got a weird family. [00:55:49] Speaker A: Yeah. And this is again how all gay male relationships go. They're always toxic and bad. [00:55:55] Speaker B: Oh, man, it's craziness. [00:55:59] Speaker A: I'm loving this. [00:56:00] Speaker B: I bet you are. All right, next page. Hey, that's that shot. [00:56:08] Speaker A: Yeah. Floyd Lawton. [00:56:11] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:56:12] Speaker A: Do you think before the movie they told Will Smith what Deadshot's actual name was? [00:56:19] Speaker B: No. [00:56:20] Speaker A: That his name would be Floyd Lawton. Like Floyd Lawton. Sounds like one of those terrible names they give to the NXT wrestlers when they're learning to trade. [00:56:30] Speaker B: I was going to say something. [00:56:31] Speaker A: Your name's going to be Floyd Lawton. Go out there and be the world champion, Floyd. [00:56:37] Speaker B: And they go for the championship, but they don't make it. Or they never show up to the podcast. I mean, never show up to the show. [00:56:55] Speaker A: WeLL, Floyd Lawton, he's calling him not Deadshot. Floyd Lawton, tell your bot. Tell your boss to up your budget. Yeah, and it looks like he's going to fight some. If you're fighting Deadshot after 1986, there's probably a squad involved. [00:57:19] Speaker B: Oh, yeah. [00:57:21] Speaker A: Oh, Amanda Waller. Okay. Yeah, we're coming in. We just couldn't get there soon enough. We have had a total of four issues where Midnighter was just in his own book, developing his character universe. And now we get the squad. [00:57:43] Speaker B: Yep. [00:57:45] Speaker A: Coming in. And now he's back at Al's pool house. It was Al, not Tony. My bad. Sorry. Oh, no, it was Tony. It's Tony at Al's. See? It all makes sense. [00:57:58] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:58:01] Speaker A: It's telling you he's being texted by Jason. [00:58:06] Speaker B: And he's never done fighting. [00:58:14] Speaker A: Yes. Oh, God. Well, that happened. No more. [00:58:22] Speaker B: No, we still have more. [00:58:23] Speaker A: I'm out. [00:58:24] Speaker B: We can't do any more today. But there's more to read tomorrow. [00:58:28] Speaker A: No. [00:58:29] Speaker B: Yeah. So next time, hit up. [00:58:34] Speaker A: No. Do not say that. I will determine what we do next. [00:58:38] Speaker B: No, no. We have to get through this, Dan. [00:58:41] Speaker A: We have. No, we do not. [00:58:42] Speaker B: We do. We have to power through it because we have to. [00:58:45] Speaker A: No. Sunk cost, my friend. Sunk cost. [00:58:49] Speaker B: No, we have to finish it. You know why? Because we got to get back and finish that Wonder Woman run. We can't be the podcast that starts and never finishes. [00:58:58] Speaker A: Yes, we can. That's the whole point of this podcast. [00:59:01] Speaker B: No, it's not. [00:59:03] Speaker A: We're supposed to do things that are, like, fun and stuff. [00:59:06] Speaker B: No, because then we end up being the US One a podcast. [00:59:09] Speaker A: I'm okay with being the US One a podcast. [00:59:12] Speaker B: Yeah. I'm only issue number two of us one and not the rest. And then if you're that, then you're just Wolf pack, and I can't have that either. [00:59:24] Speaker A: Wow. [00:59:24] Speaker B: Yeah, exactly. Did you like that? That was a deep one, wasn't it? [00:59:29] Speaker A: Sting joined the Wolf pack. [00:59:31] Speaker B: And how many issues is Wolf Pack? [00:59:36] Speaker A: I don't think we're talking about the same thing. Well, we made it through seven issues and we've made it through seven issues, and we're about to start an entire new story arc, and I think it's time to cut bait on Midnighter.

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