Funny Book Forensics 320 Dox Populi

Episode 320 August 09, 2023 00:46:07
Funny Book Forensics 320 Dox Populi
Funny Book Forensics
Funny Book Forensics 320 Dox Populi

Aug 09 2023 | 00:46:07


Show Notes

Greg and Dan continue looking at drugs and alcohol in comics with L.E.G.I.O.N '89 (vol 1) #5. What happens when a megolomaniac tries to take over a planet (country) run by a drug lord? Is it anything like real life? Find out in this fun episode of Funny Book Forensics.  And of course Lobo is here. 

Creative Team: Writers: Keith Giffen and Alan Grant; Penciller: Barry Kitson; Inker: Mark McKenna; Colorist: Lovern Kindzierski; Letterer: Gaspar; Editor: Art Young and Karen Berger; Cover: Barry Maguire and Al Gordon

Read L.E.G.I.O.N. '89 5 on DC Universe Infinite or Comixology


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